What’s a follow to do?

So, I start getting people following me based on my expertise (e-Commerce in this case).  What am I to do?

  • I can follow back
  • I can ignore them
  • I can do something else

I always check them out and see what’s in it for me.  This morning I got a follow from @mobicart and I went to check them out.

First I looked at their Twitter stream.  Wasn’t that interesting, so I decided not to follow them.

I didn’t want to ignore them so I looked up their site.  They make mobile commerce apps and they’re based in Newcastle, so that makes them more interesting straight away.  They have a great looking site and so I’m intrigued even further.

From there I can do three things to engage with them:

1. Go back and follow them on Twitter and see what turns up
2. Call them and have a chat – they are in my time zone
3. Subscribe to their email newsletter and see what they send

Their site made it really easy to subscribe – no nonsense, probably based on their experience with making useful interfaces for mobiles.  So now I’m connected to them.

MobiCart made it really easy for me to subscribe to their email newsletter

Not by Twitter, but by email – an infinitely more powerful information tool that allows them to track whether I actually look at what they broadcast.

So, based on this, do you follow people to get a contact?  Is it a legitimate way of building your email marketing list?  What do you want people to do when you follow them?

I suspect I should follow them now…

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