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I’ve always been a great believer in letting clients know that they should just get on and try things. The hard thing is to apply that to yourself. There are so many demands our time and life gets ever more complicated. I’ve been reminded recently of how much help business owners need to get online and to encourage them to blog.  But there are challenges.

The first challenge is always that people say they can’t edit a website. That’s no longer an issue as anyone can use WordPress. No experience is needed and they can just get on with it after a little training. Grannies can, you’re an MD, so can you.

I’m thinking of this as a post to people I know – people who are interested in what I think about the web. I’ve met some great people recently and they are all sharing what they think online.  I was starting to feel left out, so here we are.  Is it exciting? No. Is it relevant? To me, yes.  To you?  You’ll have to tell me.

When you’ve sorted out what you want to say, think about how to say it.  This blog is to other people who know a bit about the web. Everyone online knows a bit, so it’s to everyone. I’m not aiming to impress marketing directors or wanting people to hire me (I’ve got a job thanks), but I want to be civil, recommend good things and keep it all honest. You can only really find your voice after writing for a bit. This will be waffle for a while.

I’m the number one culprit here and have said that I don’t have the time to blog.  I need to do this, share my thoughts and see whether it’s useful. Hopefully others will find it useful too.

Some people will just blog because everyone else is.  There are several for me – one is to get into the habit.  Our company – Inigo Media – is starting a blog soon and I need to find out the appropriate balance in my writing.  What is a thought that’s relevant for me to share and what’s company news? There’s a grey area in the middle that may overlap, but I’ve got to do this to find what it is.

The first blog is always the hardest.  It’s usually a load of gibberish.  It meanders, it loses focus, it feels forced, but you have to start somewhere.


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