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I want to work with…

Tweet There are loads of great brands I’d love to work with – where I live and work – and further afield. Here’s one – Illegal Jacks – or as they’re known on Twitter @illegaljacks They could do with some great guerilla advertising but of course running a business is hard, with tight margins and […]

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Follow 1000 People on Twitter

Tweet And not go crazy… I think I’m starting to finally deal with the idea of following more than a few hundred people on Twitter and: 1. Not being overwhelmed by it 2. Getting something out of it 3. Still having a life (mostly work, but it’s still life) I’ll explain a bit why I’m […]

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Tame Quora in your Inbox

Tweet With authorisation for Quora through Twitter, suddenly lots of the people I follow there are starting to follow me on Quora (and vice versa). Surely that’s got to be some of the dynamic over the last few days. It’s coming from the ‘Follow People You May Know on Quora’ section on the right hand […]

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How to complain on Twitter: Diplomacy or death by hashtag?

Tweet So, how are you best to complain to a company on Twitter?  I read an article by Josh Hallet on his blog about people who continuously complain with #fail tags and moan and bemoan their service providers. Surely there’s a better way to deal with it. This was my response: True, but on Twitter […]

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